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Home of St. Cloud Youth Hockey Association

SCYHA is run by a dedicated group of volunteers. Countless hours of effort are put forth annually to make this recreational activity thrive in St. Cloud Minnesota. Please feel free to visit our contact page to reach any of the individuals involved.

SCYHA Mission

St. Cloud Youth Hockey Association will strive toward providing all members with a positive growing environment, which enhances a competitive spirit defining sportsmanship and respect for others through the sport of hockey.

JR Mite & Mite St. Cloud Youth Hockey Photo Night

As we roll into another season of hockey it’s time to check another “To Do“ off the list, Player Photos!

This year's dates are as follows: 

Monday, December 12th - Mites and Jr. Mites

Please take notes below!

-It will be the same process as last year with ordering. Show up on your selected date, get your photo taken, and an email with a link to your players photos will be sent to you about three weeks after. So please make sure to give your emails to the team managers!

-Please make sure to attend one of the dates listed above if you're not able to attend your scheduled night, Sports Star will only be coming these two nights!

-Come fully dressed, minus helmet and skates. This will help eliminate combustion in the hallways.

-Arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than your scheduled time as we have many teams that night to get through.

-Enter through the far right doors at Herb Brooks as you would for practice, line up in the hallway and wait for your team to be called. 

-Once your photo is taken, exit through the main lobby doors. Please don't back track through the doors you came in. 


Thank you and see you all on Photo Night!


If you have any questions, please email Megan Trautmiller at

New To Hockey

If you would like to get more information or find out where to start click on the document below.  You will find useful information and also contact information for who to call. OR start by calling Amanda with questions 320-291-6835

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Cold Dry Hands?

Great article about how useless a short bench is in youth hockey. Please encourage all to read! "The game is for the kids, all of the kids. Research nationwide tells us that players would rather play on a team that wins 50% of their games than sit on the bench of a championship team with little or no playing time. The bottom line is that all of the kids want to play."