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SCYHA Board Members

Board Members 2020-2021

Position: Name Phone Number Email Address
Ace Coord. Eric Altena 320-293-2439
Assistant Director of Travel Teams Jeff Karnik 320-363-4369
Assistant Director of Travel Teams Jeff Hess 320-248-1707
Tryout Director Gregg Stanley 320-253-4406
Lead Coordinator of Travel Teams Phil Layne 320-309-5042
District 5 Representative Chad Sheetz 320-493-0946
Gambling Manager Nicki O'Hotto 320-360-3690
Ice Scheduler Tory VanHalbeck 320-293-8213
Girls Coordinator Jeremy Mathiasen 320-266-5232
Girls Coordinator
Jr. Mite Coordinator Matt McDowall 320-250-0699
Jr. Mite Coordinator Brooks Marquardt 320-292-7386
Mite Coordinator Amanda Berry 320-291-6835
Mite Coordinator Lacey Smith 218-791-4687
Squirt Coordinator Megan Cruzen 320-267-6354
Squirt Coordinator Katie Knutson 320-345-0439
Peewee Coordinator Jen Wucherer 320-492-2144
Peewee Coordinator Maria Kosiba 320-493-7972
Bantam Coordinator Troy Kockler 320-249-0900
Bantam Coordinator Connie Kremers 320-761-9747
Registrar Amy O'Neal 320-420-2267
Uniform Coordinator James Stockman 763-227-7355
Uniform Coordinator Craig Hendricks 320-309-8201
Goalie Coordinator Matt Glaesman 320-291-2316
Goalie Coordinator Jeff Stevens 320-980-7089